03/25/03: The Giant – a project where art, architecture and technology meet.

Artists Bo Andersson and Jan Kriland together with architect Lars Lindstaf have commenced the development of a project named 'The Giant'.

Omagica is proud to be appointed as developer and supplier of all technology involved, and will, on a dedicated web site soon to be launched, inform about the progress of the work for funders, affiliates and the public.

'The Giant' is a multi-phase project. Its structure and content will be presented to the public for the first time in a separate exhibition by artists Bo Andersson and Jan Kriland at the Royal Academy of Art in Stockholm, Sweden, in January, 2004.

With the participant as the gauge, the dimensions of the sculpture change during the walk around it. The end goal is a vision of the full-scale work of art in the form of a building in the border zone between sculpture and architecture, with a content illustrating the relationship between man and different scales. The attribute of things – size, technology, needs, results, lifetime, etc. – is contained in the fettered being. The dream gives the soul the freedom of the moment.

For more information, contact Jan Kriland, +46-8-59071202, +46-70-5490808.